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Online Banking

 An internet connection and a computer; that’s all you need to take advantage of Mount Vernon Bank & Trust’s easy-to-use online banking system. After a secure double authentication login, you can:

  •     Check balances for checking and savings accounts, CDs and loans
  •     Make transfers between accounts
  •     Go over account histories that include deposits, withdrawals, transfers and cleared checks
  •     Make payments on loans
  •     Review your monthly statements

Online banking with Mount Vernon Bank & Trust Company simplifies your personal or business finances and allows you to bank more efficiently. Take advantage of this great service and sign up for online banking today.

Online Bill Pay

Is it hard to manage your monthly bills? Are you tired of waiting for checks to be delivered and cleared? With online bill pay from Mount Vernon Bank & Trust, hours spent paying bills will become a thing of the past.

You can pay bills anytime day or night, automate recurring monthly payments for the date and amount needed and check your payment history all in one place. To learn more about this free online service, contact Mount Vernon Bank & Trust today.

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